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I love how Sungmin can just massage Onew’s butt without it being weird/awkward to anyone else






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Jongins expression when he realises that it started raining

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8 Incredible Photobombs By K-Pop Idols That Are Hilarious



Everyone loves a good photo-bombing, even K-Pop Idols! Check out some of these hilarious photo-bombing pros. Here’s our list titled, "Incredible Photobombs By K-Pop Idols That Are Hilarious"

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20 Day SHINee Challenge - Day 2: your top otp - 2min & Minkey

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(TRANS) Elle Men Interview - Sehun

The members all say you’re maturing really quickly, do you feel it yourself?
Sehun: Yes, everyone who sees me says so. I’ve grown taller, my shoulders have also broadened a lot, and it feels like it’ll keep going [like that]. when I think back to debut days I really have changed a lot … … but…


Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright 

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BREAKING: Lee Byunghun revealed to been blackmailed by GLAM’s Dahee



Earlier in the week, we revealed that Lee Byunghun had been blackmailed by 2 individuals over alleged lewd comments he had made towards them. 

Now, in breaking news it has been revealed that one of the individuals is Big Hit Entertainment girl group member, GLAM’s Dahee.

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[TRANSLATION] Lay - 140902 Elle Magazine Hong Kong: "If People Look Down On Him He Works Harder"


Elle: Would you like to be more comprehensive and well rounded?

Lay: While keeping the things I’m good at in check, I would also like to expand on other aspects as well. For example, even though I debuted with dance, I have been working hard on piano, guitar, composing, arranging, singing,…

[TRANSLATION] Chanyeol - 140902 Elle Men Magazine Hong Kong: "Once started, continue until the end"


Elle:When I saw you just now during the shoot, you look very prepared. Do you practice all the time?

Chanyeol: As compared to looking at the mirror to practice, experience is more important. Because of the frequent photoshoots, I know very well how attire can affect pose selection….